YAK Portal – The Easy Path to B2B Product and Service Sourcing

YAK Portal is a free, locality based, B2B search engine designed to help product manufacturers, suppliers and service providers get their products in front of the businesses that need them.

It is for people that understand the importance of getting jobs finished as efficiently as possible.

YAK Portal is for product or service supply business owners that never lose sight of the notion that time is money.

For anyone who’s ever found a job’s completion stalled by something as simple as not being able to source a local part or a specialized service in a timely manner.

Stalled by a single part or service that not only puts your job on hold and takes money out of your pocket, but one that also leaves you looking bad in the eyes of your client.

It would be such a scenario that prompted YAK Portal creator Josh ____ to action. A situation that saw a local builder’s work on Josh’s home held up by the inability to source locally manufactured ducts. A single duct costing less than $40 holding up a five figure building project for what proved to be an entire afternoon.

Josh understood time and money were being wasted. What should’ve proven a minor inconvenience had mutated into a very costly headache. And one Josh knew could’ve easily been avoided.

The seeds of YAK Portal were sewn.

Whether it’s products and services involving construction, electronics or health and medical supplies, YAK Portal is there to help.

Simply type in the search item and your local postcode and YAK Portal does the rest.

Unlike larger search engines, YAK Portal’s focus is on a tight, specifically defined radius. One that not only sources and lists various companies’ products and services, but also compares them. All on one page for you to quickly see and understand your immediate options and make a better informed decision.

A decision that keeps your project moving forward, your client happy and the money coming in.

From timber to roofing tiles and everything in between, YAK Portal sources the closest, most cost efficient manufacturer or supplier in your area.

Need printers, cartridges and toner for the office? Or an IT specialist to troubleshoot a newly installed computer system? YAK Portal has you covered.

And the same goes for health and medical supplies. YAK Portal is ready to help.

Quick and easy, you’ll immediately find the manufacturers, products and service you need. And you won’t have to waste time and money calling or driving around town comparing prices.

It’s all right there in front of you with YAK Portal.

YAK Portal is a win for everyone. It’s free to register your business and it uses SEO back linking to put your company, product or service’s website in front of more clients. And it helps those clients source and compare services and suppliers in their immediate area.

And with Amazon’s recent announcement for its plans to expand into the Australian retail market, there’s no better time to access the benefits of YAK Portal’s locality driven search engine.

As Amazon and other multi-national giants’ attempt to dominate the online market place and squeeze out smaller online retailers, YAK Portal’s focus on propping up smaller businesses through the benefit of local advertising will prove more important and beneficial than ever before.

If you believe time really IS money, don’t hesitate.

Sign up your business now and let the power of YAK Portal simplify your life and start working for you today.